New Year, new food

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We’re back!

After taking a bit of a break over Christmas and New Year to recharge our batteries and generally stuff ourselves full of food and fizz, Eat Midlands is back for 2015.

We’re looking forward to sharing more food news, features and reviews from across the East Midlands over the coming 12 months but thought that, like all good New Year posts, we should kick this one off with a list. Not exactly resolutions, but a few places we’ve got our sights on in 2015…

They are in no particular order – just five places that we still haven’t managed to eat at and really, really want to!

1) George’s Fish and Chip Kitchen, King Street, Nottingham

Who wouldn’t want to sit in a beach hut booth and tuck in to some of the best fish and chips in the East Midlands?! We’ve heard great things about this place so far from friends that have visited and we’re very impressed with their social media activities – particularly their fab Facebook page.

2) Annie’s Burger Shack, Broadway, Nottingham

It’s a bit embarrassing to admit that we haven’t yet made it to this hallowed burger shrine – and entirely  possible that we are the only people in the county who have yet to sample one of Annie’s burgers. We’ve made a few attempts but always been slightly put off by the long waits and less-than-enthusiastic front of house staff. However, I have yet to hear a bad word about the burgers from anyone who has eaten there – so, rest assured, there will be an Annie’s review on these pages in the coming months.

3) Barceloneta, Queen’s Road, Leicester

This cute little tapas restaurant used to be one of my favourite places to eat when I was a student in Leicester in the early noughties. It must be at least 12 years since I’ve eaten there but I’ve recently been inspired to make a return visit by fellow blogger Ruth from Clarendon Spark. It also wins extra points for having opened a delicatessen next door called Salvador Deli. Genius.

4) Han Sofrasi, Alfreton Road, Nottingham

This year I’m determined to venture out of the city centre more and try some of the smaller, independent restaurants Nottingham has to offer. The Radford/Hyson Green area is high on my hit-list and this looks like a great place to start. It has been receiving glowing reviews on Trip Advisor. Plus, it’s very cheap – definitely one to help the pennies go further in January.

5) La Rock, Bridge Street, Sandiacre

Yet another restaurant that has been on the to-do list for ages. Tucked away in a side street in Sandiacre, a town not usually renowned for its cuisine, this is another place that seems to survive purely on the strength of word of mouth. Prices are high, but nowhere near Sat Bains’ level, and it consistently draws comparisons with his restaurant. One for a special occasion this year.


  • These are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to new places we would like to try this year and we’d love to hear your recommendations – especially for restaurants in Leicester and Derby. You can tweet us @eatmidlands or share your thoughts on our Facebook page.




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