Bloggers of the Month: The Nottingham Bucket List

Pizza's at Pilot - one of the Nottingham Bucket List's favourite restaurants

This month we have two featured bloggers for the price of one in the form of the lovely Pollyanna and Leigh from The Nottingham Bucket List.

Both students at The University of Nottingham, their blog is not strictly a food blog – it covers all sorts of Nottingham activities – but it contains restaurant and bar reviews aplenty and is especially good for finding out about the latest new openings.

Over to them….

Tell us a bit about your blog…

We started The Nottingham Bucket List just before university started back up in 2014 because we figured that we were going to all of these restaurants and cafés and bars anyway, so we may as well be writing about them. From doing degrees in Creative Writing and English we were pretty keen to start a blog, and we always had people asking us how we found out about all of these places we were going to. It made sense to turn it into a weekly thing of ‘here’s where you should go this week’. We have a list about 100 items strong of places we want to visit, so we’ll probably be blogging for a while.

What are your favourite East Midlands foods and do you have any favourite shops for buying them from?

Neither of us is from the East Midlands, so we don’t actually know much about local food specialities, and it pains us to say that our student budgets keep us very tight knit with the Sainsbury’s Basics range. But we have seen the collection of produce available to buy from TOAST on Derby Road and Delilah’s in town. If we were going to splash out on food anywhere, it would probably be there.

What is the best meal you have had a) in the East Midlands and b) anywhere else?

Leigh: Oscar & Rosie’s pizza is a strong contender for the best meal I’ve had in Nottingham, hands down one of the best pizzas I’ve ever had. For anywhere else, The Breakfast Club in London does an amazing chicken burger and chips.

Pollyanna: For Nottingham: brunch at Jam Cafe – smoked salmon, poached egg on a toasted muffin with a fresh mint tea. Anywhere else: the stuffed mushroom burger and fries at Byron Burger in Soho.

What was the worst?

Leigh: It might not class as a proper meal but I think anything grabbed from a dodgy-looking takeaway after a night out wins this one.

Pollyanna: Frankie & Benny’s. I always find it so oily and greasy and heavy. Not my cup of tea.

Leigh and Pollyanna from The Nottingham Bucket List

Leigh and Pollyanna from The Nottingham Bucket List

What is your go-to dish if you are cooking for friends?

Leigh: I just managed to master the art of sweet potato fries (master may be a slight exaggeration), so anything that can be put with them. I’m not the best cook, but I can offer you a prime cheese toastie or fish finger sandwich.

Pollyanna: Whack multiple pizzas in the oven OR if it’s just for one friend I can cook up a mean prawn stir fry. My personal favourite is salmon, kale and sweet potato fries. Who said students can’t eat well?

What have been your most popular posts?

Our most successful by far has been our review of The Pudding Pantry, which isn’t a surprise – we love it in there, too. After that, our reviews of White Rabbit Tea House and Wired Café Bar have done well. Apparently Nottingham has a taste for the cute and quirky.

Just one of the delicious desserts on offer at the Pudding Pantry

Just one of the delicious desserts on offer at the Pudding Pantry

Why do you think the East Midlands is so good for food lovers?

Leigh: There’s just so many places to go, and it encompasses every possible taste. I’ve never thought ‘God, I really fancy this’ and then not been able to find it somewhere. And no matter how much I think I’ve been everywhere there is to go, I’m always being told about someplace new.

Pollyanna: It’s great because of the space afforded to local businesses. There’s always somewhere new popping up and especially in a city like Nottingham with its many undiscovered alleys, there’s always something new to try just around the corner.

What are you favourite restaurants/cafes in the East Midlands?

Leigh: I can’t get enough of Wired Café Bar, and the plug sockets mean I can just sit there and do work. I can be in there for five hours and it doesn’t faze me at all. Five hours in a library would have me climbing the walls. Restaurant-wise, it has to be Annie’s Burger Shack. The burgers are so huge that I can’t actually finish one, but it doesn’t stop me from trying.

More love for Annie's!

More love for Annie’s!

Pollyanna: My favourite restaurant would be Pilot – big fresh pizzas, Prosecco cocktails and chunky sweet potato fries every day, please. As for café, it has to be 200 Degrees. The wooden décor, comfy chairs and array of sweets is 100% my aesthetic, not to mention the froth art on the drinks.

Where is next on your list of restaurants to try?

Leigh: I’ve been meaning to go to Suede for the longest time. And the menu at Pit & Pendulum sounds gorgeous. I haven’t had a good pub meal in ages, so it might have to be there next.

Pollyanna: The Larder on Goosegate looks like a beautiful place to eat and it’s out of the way, which is always nice. And I am super excited to visit Ugly Bread Bakery, which has opened recently in Hockley.

Do you have any favourite East Midlands food bloggers?

Frusher on Food, they’ve been going a bit longer than we have but we have a few similar places on our lists. It’s always fun to read what other people have thought about somewhere compared to your own opinions.

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