Review: Baresca, Nottingham

Chicken, chorizo and lentil stew

Walking into Baresca for the first time is a strange experience. Like one of those dreams in which you know where you are meant to be, but everything is a little bit brighter, shinier and somehow slightly more polished than normal. The new reincarnation of Dogma is reassuringly familiar.

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Review: Red’s True Barbecue, Nottingham

Red's exterior

Let there be meat! So say the creators of Nottingham’s latest barbecue joint in their biblical-themed promotional activities.

If you live in Nottingham and you’re on Facebook or Twitter you will have been hard-pressed to miss their entreaties to come and ‘worship’ at their new Queen Street restaurant over the past few weeks, so it seemed only fitting that we decided to visit on our day of rest last Sunday.

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Review: George’s Fish and Chip Kitchen, Nottingham

George's Fish and Chip Kitchen exterior

Of all the new restaurants that have opened in Nottingham in the last six months (and there are a lot!), George’s Fish and Chip Kitchen, must be the one I have been the most excited about. And it seems I am not the only one.

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Review: The Ned Ludd, Friar Lane, Nottingham


Nothing says Autumn like a cosy pub lunch – especially after a bracing walk.

Last Sunday we decided to go on a search for a decent roast in Nottingham city centre, after taking a wander around the Arboretum park, soaking up the sunshine and crunching in the golden leaves. Not exactly strenuous, but enough to work up a decent appetite, especially after a few too many glasses of wine the night before.

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Review: Rocket@Saltwater, Nottingham

The nachos - mine had far more delicious guacamole on them than this

With hindsight it was probably a mistake to order a dish with a dinosaur symbol next to it on the menu to indicate its size. I should really have learned by now that if I want to do a restaurant review justice I need to try all three courses.

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Review: Oakley Grange farm shop and cafe, Hathern

The giant Ploughman's from Oakley Grange

Being a country girl at heart, there’s nothing I like more on a day off than to get out of the city and explore.

My latest adventure didn’t take me very far – less than 10 miles down the road from my house – but it was a world away from Nottingham’s bustling city centre, and a welcome retreat.

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Review: Das Kino, Nottingham

Mojitos Das Kino-style

Cocktails, ping-pong and pizza were all on the menu at the launch of new Fletchergate bar Das Kino last night.

The bar, formerly Escucha, opened its doors for a sneak preview before its official opening tomorrow.

Retaining a similar layout to its predecessor it’s been stripped back and given a more urban, industrial feel.

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Review: Pilot, Nottingham

Pilotphotoweb It’s all about the Ps at new Hockley restaurant Pilot. Not the mushy, mint sauce kind but pizza, Prosecco and, er, poultry. The menu is simple and understated, much like the décor – sticking to a few old favourites with a modern twist. Aside from the Prosecco on tap, which was 2 for 1 when we visited, the restaurant’s main USP is its rotisserie chicken.


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