Review: Baresca, Nottingham

Chicken, chorizo and lentil stew

Walking into Baresca for the first time is a strange experience. Like one of those dreams in which you know where you are meant to be, but everything is a little bit brighter, shinier and somehow slightly more polished than normal. The new reincarnation of Dogma is reassuringly familiar.

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Review: Red’s True Barbecue, Nottingham

Red's exterior

Let there be meat! So say the creators of Nottingham’s latest barbecue joint in their biblical-themed promotional activities.

If you live in Nottingham and you’re on Facebook or Twitter you will have been hard-pressed to miss their entreaties to come and ‘worship’ at their new Queen Street restaurant over the past few weeks, so it seemed only fitting that we decided to visit on our day of rest last Sunday.

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Review: George’s Fish and Chip Kitchen, Nottingham

George's Fish and Chip Kitchen exterior

Of all the new restaurants that have opened in Nottingham in the last six months (and there are a lot!), George’s Fish and Chip Kitchen, must be the one I have been the most excited about. And it seems I am not the only one.

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Review: Rocket@Saltwater, Nottingham

The nachos - mine had far more delicious guacamole on them than this

With hindsight it was probably a mistake to order a dish with a dinosaur symbol next to it on the menu to indicate its size. I should really have learned by now that if I want to do a restaurant review justice I need to try all three courses.

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News bites: 7 September 2014

BBQ chicken wings from Rocket@Saltwater
  • Rocket@Saltwater has launched its new Autumn menu. Dishes include ‘The Boss’ feasting skewer – a combination of Piri Piri chicken, pork and beef – and a chilli con carne pizza. There’s a distinct American smokehouse feel to many of the dishes but a few in there for the veggies too. I particularly like the sound of the coconut king prawns in the ‘smalls’ section and the Rocket Nemesis cake for desert. Dishes are large and designed for sharing, with prices ranging from £10 to £20 for a main course. More info here.

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Fish, chips and gin at George’s new venture

An artist's impression of the bar at the new George's Tradition restaurant

An artist’s impression of the bar at the new George’s Tradition restaurant


Midlands fish and chip chain George’s Tradition is to open its first city-centre restaurant next month – complete with gin bar.

The new restaurant in Queen Street, Nottingham, will have room for 140 diners and a sea-side themed interior, with booths shaped like beach huts. It will also have an open kitchen and a bar serving English gin.

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